Best For Male Enhancement Best For Male Enhancement vedis had been promised to him who Best For Male Enhancement should first discover land. Alonzo Pinzon in the Pinta took the lead. On the afternoon of the 13th of September he hailed the Admiral, saying that from the flight.of numerous birds and the appearance of the northern horizon, he thought there was land in that direction but Columbus replied that it was merely a deception of the clouds, and would not alter his course. The following day there were drizzling showers, and two boobies flew on board Best For Male Enhancement the Santa Maria , birds which seldom wander more Best For Male Enhancement than twenty leagues from land. Sounding, however, no bottom was found. Unwilling to waste the present fair breeze, he resolved, whatever others thought, to keep one bold course until the coast of India was reached. Notwithstanding, even the favourable breeze began to frighten the seamen, who imagined that the Best For Male Enhancement wind in those regions might always blow from the east, and if so, would prevent their return to Best For Male Enhancement Spain. Not long after the wind shifted to the south west, and restored their

ving to them that Best For Male Enhancement the Best For Male Enhancement wind did male penis enhancment not always prevail from the east. Several small birds also visited long and thick penis the ships, singing as they perched on the rigging, thus Best For Male Enhancement showing that they were not exhausted by their flight. Again the squadron passed among numerous patches of seaweed, and the crews, ever ready to take alarm, having heard that ships were sometimes frozen Best For Male Enhancement in by ice, fancied that they male enhancement san fernando store might Best For Male Enhancement be fixed in the same how to get hgh pills manner, until they were caught by the nipping hand of winter. Then they took it into their heads that the water was growing male enhancement result pictures shoaler, and expressed their fears that they might run on some sand banks and be lost. Then a whale was seen, which creature Columbus assured them never went far from land. Notwithstanding, they became uneasy at the calmness Best For Male Enhancement of the weather, declaring that as the prevailing winds were f. rom the east, and had not power to disturb the torpid stillness of the ocean, there was the risk of perishing amidst stagnant and shoreless waters, and being prevented by contrary winds from ever returnin

Best For Male Enhancement

g to Spain. Next a swell got up, which showed that their terrors caused by the calm were imaginary. Notwithstanding this, and the favourable signs which increased Best For Male Enhancement his confidence, he feared that after Best For Male Enhancement all, breaking into mutiny, they would compel him to return. The sailors fancied that Best For Male Enhancement their ships were too weak for so long a voyage, and held secret consultations, exciting each other s discontent. They had gone farther than any one before had done. Who could blame them, should they, consulting their safety, turn back Columbus, though aware of the mutinous disposition of Best For Male Enhancement his crew, maintained a serene and steady Best For Male Enhancement counte.nance, using gentle words with some, stimulating the pride and avarice of others, and threatening the refractory. On the 25th of September the wind again became favourable, and the squadron resumed its westerly course. Pinzon now, on examining the chart, supposed that they must be approaching Cipango. Columbus desired to have it returned, and it was thrown on board at the end of a line. While Columbus

and his pilot were studying it, they heard Best For Male Enhancement a shout, and Best For Male Enhancement looking up saw Pinzon standing at the stern of porn male penile enhancement the Pinta , crying, Land land Senor, I claim my reward There was indeed an top 5 rated male enhancement products appearance of land to the south west. Columbus and the other officers threw themselves on their knees, and returned thanks to God. The seamen, mounting the rigging, strained their eyes in Best For Male Enhancement the direction pointed out, but the morning light put a. n end to their Best For Male Enhancement hopes. Again with dejected hearts they proceeded, the sea, as before, tranquil, the breeze propitious, and the weather mild and delightful. In a day or two more weeds were seen floating from east to west, but no birds were visible. The people again expressed their fears that they had passed between two islands but after bluefusion male enhancement the lapse of another day Best For Male Enhancement the ships were visited male enhancement patches testosterone booster by numberless birds, and various indications of land became more viagrow male enhancement numerous. Full of hope, the seamen ascended the rigging, and were continually crying Best For Male Enhancement out that they saw land. Columbus put a stop to these false alarms, decl