Extend Pills friend whom I still mourn, Norman Maccoll, editor of the Athenaeum, sent me a book called Son.gs of the Great Dominion, selected and edited by the Extend Pills poet, William Douw Lighthall. Maccoll knew the deep interest I have always taken in matters relating to Greater Britain, and especially in everything relating to Canada. Even at that time I ventured to prophesy that the great romance of the twentieth century would be the growth of the mighty world power of Canada, just Extend Pills as the great romance of the nineteenth century had been the Extend Pills inauguration of the nascent power that Extend Pills sprang Extend Pills up among Britain s antipodes. He told Extend Pills me that a leading article for the journal upon some weighty subject was wanted, and asked me whether the book Extend Pills was important enough to be worth a leader. I turned over its pages and soon satisfied myself as to that point. I found the book rich in poetry true poetry by poets some of whom have since then come to.great and world wide distinction, all of it breathing, more or less, the atmosphere of Canada that is to say Anglo Saxon Canada. But in the writings of o

ne poet alone I came upon a new note the note of the Red Man s Extend Pills Canada. Extend Pills This was the poet that most interested me Extend Pills Pauline Johnson. I quoted her lovely canoe song In the Extend Pills Shadows, which will be found in this volume. I at once sat down and wrote a long article, which could have been ten times as long, upon a subject so suggestive as that of Canadian poetry. As it was this article of oranges help a male get sexual enhancement mine which drew this noble woman to me, it has, since her death, assumed an importance in my eyes which it intrinsically does not merit. I might almost say that best male enhancement vitamin shoppe male enhancement surgery nyc it has become sacred to me among my fugitive writings this is why I Extend Pills cannot Extend Pills resist the temptation of making a few extracts from it. It. seems to bring the dead poet very close to enerzen male enhancement me. Moreover, it gives me an opportunity of re saying what I then said of the great place Canadian poetry is destined to hold in the literature of the English speaking race. I had often Extend Pills before said in the Athenaeum, and in the Encyclopaedia Britannica and elsewhere, that all true poetry is sizegenix safe perhaps all true literature must Extend Pills be a faithful reflex either of the li

Extend Pills

fe of man or of the life of Nature. Well, this article began by Extend Pills remarking that the subject of Colonial verse, and the immense future before the English speaking poets, is allied to a question that is very great, the adequacy or inadequacy of English poetry British, American, and Colonial to the destiny of the race that produces it. The article enunciated the thesis that if the English language should not in Extend Pills the near future.contain the finest body of poetry in the world, the time is now upon us when it ought to do so for no other literature has had that variety of poetic material which is now at the command of English speaking Extend Pills poets. It pointed out that at the present moment this material comprises much of the riches peculiar to the Old World and all the riches peculiar to the New. It pointed out that in reflecting the life of man the English muse enters into competition with the muse of every other European nation, classic and modern and that, rich as Extend Pills England undoubtedly is in her own historic Extend Pills associations, she is not Extend Pills so rich as are certain other European countr

Extend Pills ies, where almost every square yard Extend Pills of soil is so suggestive extenze male enhancement warning of human associations that it might be made the subject of a poem. To wander alone, through scenes that Homer knew, o. r through the streets that were hallowed by the footsteps of Dante, is an experience that sends a poetic thrill through the blood. For it is on male enhancement liquid rhino 6500 classic ground only that the Spirit of Antiquity walks. And it went on to ask the question, If even England, with all her riches of historic and legendary associations, is not so rich in this kind of poetic material as some parts of the European Continent, what shall be said of the new English worlds Canada, the United States, the Australias, the Extend Pills South African Settlements, etc. Histories they have, these new countries in the development of the human race, in the growth of the great man, Mankind histories as remedies to help with male enhancement male sexual stamina enhancement important, no doubt, Extend Pills as those of Greece, Italy, and Extend Pills Great Britain. Inasmuch, however, as the sweet amazon rhino male enhancement Spirit of Antiquity knows them not, where is the poet with Extend Pills wings so stron. g that he can carry them off into the ampler ether, the diviner air