Penis Enhancers Captain Major. After hearing it, the King bade him retire, saying that the overseer Penis Enhancers of the treasury would bring him an answer but Nicolas replied that he could receive no answer but from the King himself. After he Penis Enhancers had waited for some time, the priest brought him out an agreement signed Penis Enhancers on the dry leaf of a palm tree, granting all the requests of the Captain Major, the priest swearing that it was the King s signature. When Nicolas Coelho returned on board and gave an account of his interview with the King, Vasco da Gama was highly pleased, and ordered flags to be hoisted, trumpets to be sounded, and salutes to be fired. Having appointed Digo Diaz to act as factor, and Pedro da Braga a.s clerk, to be Penis Enhancers assisted by Joao Nunez, Davane, and one of the pilots from Melinda, he Penis Enhancers sent on shore for the purpose of trading, a chest of unwrought branch coral, the same quantity of vermilion, a barrel of quicksilver, fifty pigs of copper, twenty strings of Penis Enhancers large cut coral, and as many of amber, five Portugueses of gold, fifty cruzados, and a hundred testoons in silver as also a table with a green cloth, and a pair of wooden scales. H

e directed his people to accept the prices offered, and to verify the weight of everything Penis Enhancers with the scales. The clerk was ordered likewise to write down in a book which he carried the particulars of all transactions. On Penis Enhancers arriving on shore, the factor hired a large house in two compartments, one for trade and the other Penis Enhancers for living in. The overseer of the treasury soon made his appearan. ce, and sending for a money changer, weighed all the money, and proved it with his touchstones, Penis Enhancers setting a value on each advanced nutrition natural male enhancement coin which the clerk wrote down. It was found to be Penis Enhancers monster test review higher than in Portugal. A price was then set upon each article of merchandise separately, on which a large profit was made. The overseer of the treasury then inquired whether they wished to begin weighing at once, and on their replying Yes, he ordered a large number of sacks of pepper to be brought. These were weighed, and male enhancement herbs vitamins sent off to the ships. As evening approached, the Penis Enhancers overseer requested the factor to say what goods were required for the next day, that he might have them ready. lanthrome male enhancement Accordingly Pedro da Braga supplements erectile dysfunction was sent back to learn this from the Captain Major, Penis Enhancers and to giv

Penis Enhancers

e a report of the transactions which had been concluded. It should have Penis Enhancers been.said that two armed boats were sent from the ships, which, as they could not on Penis Enhancers account of the surf reach the shore, were anchored outside, with guns in their bows to protect the factory, the people being carried ashore in the light native skiffs. Vasco da Gama Penis Enhancers having received a hint that the natives were great rogues, resolved to Penis Enhancers outwit them by leading them to suppose the Portuguese to be so ignorant that they might easily be Penis Enhancers cheated, and thus greatly to desire their return to the country. He therefore directed Penis Enhancers the factor to receive any goods offered, and to pay whatever price might be asked, and always to appear perfectly satisfied. The trading was carried on day after day. Pepper, being the heaviest, was the first article obtained. Ginger was next Penis Enhancers purchased but it was, in order to preserve it, covered with clay.. More than a due proportion had, however, been put on, of which the factor was aware but according to the orders he had received, he did not complain, but desired that it should be surrounded by more clay, that it might keep the

better, paying for it as though it was all ginger. Cinnamon was next offered. The factor said he would rather wait, but the overseer of Penis Enhancers the treasury declared that as it was ready it must be received. When it came it was found to consist of old cinnamon of bad quality, done up in packages of sticks and mats. The factor again pretended not to notice the way he was cheated, but sent word to the Captain Major, who directed him vigor thrive male enhancement to how to ejaculate more quantity take even worse goods. These were afterwards offered, much of the pepper being mouldy and unfit for use, but it was received as if it had been in good order. Though. the King was highly pleased at Penis Enhancers thus easily getting rid of the damaged goods in his stores, the Penis Enhancers Moorish merchants, more keen sighted than he was, declared, with some show of reason, that Penis Enhancers clinamax male enhancement the Portuguese could not be honest traders, but were Penis Enhancers in reality pirates, who had come to spy out the land. According Penis Enhancers to the Oriental custom, to erection pills that work fast give the Penis Enhancers Portuguese a great idea of his importance, the King pretended to best male enhancement products uk have forgotten all about the embassy, and day after day deferred sending a message to say that he was ready to receive it. The ministe