Power X Male Enhancement and make a general massacre. To prevent him carrying out his plan, the Adelantado offered to go up the river and capture him and his Power X Male Enhancement principal chiefs and Power X Male Enhancement family during the night, and to bring them in chains on board. Taking Diego Mendez, with seventy men and an interpreter, he set off on the 30th of March. Reaching the neighbourhood of the village, he left the rest of his people, and, accompanied by Diego Mendez and four others, went forward. The remainder, two and two, climbed the hill. It was arranged that upon the discharge of an arquebus they were to surround the Power X Male Enhancement dwelling and suffer no one to escape. As the Adelantado approached, Quibian came out to meet him, and seated himself in the porch Don Bartholomew telling Mendez and his compani.ons to remain at a little distance, and that when they should see him take Power X Male Enhancement the cacique by the arm, to rush immediately to his assistance. He then advanced Power X Male Enhancement with his Indian interpreter, and after a short conversation, pretending to examine the cacique s wound, he took him by the arm. At the Power X Male Enhancement concerted signal four of the Spaniards rushed forwar

d, the fifth discharged his arquebus. The cacique attempted to get loose, but was held Power X Male Enhancement firm in the iron grasp of the Adelantado. A violent struggle ensued, but Diego Mendez and the rest coming up, Quibian was bound hand and foot and at edge male enhancement reviews the report of the arquebus the main body of the Spaniards surrounded Power X Male Enhancement sex drive pills for men the house and seized all who were within, the wives and children of Quibian included. When the savages saw their chief a captive, with loud cries they implored his liberty, offer. ing a the best testosterone boosters on the market rich treasure as his ransom. The Adelantado, deaf to their entreaties, carried off Quibian and the other prisoners to the boat, committing them to the charge of Juan Sanchez, the principal pilot, while he remained on Power X Male Enhancement shore with part of Power X Male Enhancement his men to secure how to get huge penis the Indians who had escaped. The night Power X Male Enhancement max testosterone was dark, and as the boats proceeded down the river Quibian pretended that the cord which bound him to a bench hurt his limbs, and the pilot loosed it. Power X Male Enhancement Power X Male Enhancement The wily Indian, watching his opportunity, plunged into the water, and in the darkness and confusion it was not known whether he sank or reached the bank. San

Power X Male Enhancement

chez, crestfallen, returned in the boats to Power X Male Enhancement the ships. The next morning the Adelantado, seeing from the nature of the country that it would be impossible to overtake the fugitives, contented himself with carrying off.all the coronets, necklaces, and plates of gold found in the cacique s mansion, to the value of three Power X Male Enhancement hundred ducats, and got safely on board. Columbus, believing that Quibian Power X Male Enhancement had perished and that the vigorous measures of the Adelantado had succeeded in quelling the Power X Male Enhancement natives, made preparations for sailing. The river having swollen, he got three of the caravels over the bar by landing their cargoes, but left the fourth for the use of the settlement. Taking leave of his brother, and making his final arrangements, he set sail. The wind, however, continued adverse, and on the 6th of April, wishing to communicate with his Power X Male Enhancement brother, he sent a boat on shore under the command of Diego Tristan, captain of one of the caravels. As Tristan approached the shore he found his countrymen, some on Power X Male Enhancement board the caravel, some on the se.a shore looking at Power X Male Enhancement the ships, and others scattere

d about the houses, when suddenly a vast number of Indians rushed forward with yells and howls, launching their javelins through the windows and roofs, Power X Male Enhancement or thrusting them through the crevices of do male enhancements work the woodwork, wounding some of those who were within. At the first alarm the Adelantado, seizing a lance, sallied forth with seven or eight men, and being joined Power X Male Enhancement by Diego Power X Male Enhancement Mendez and extreme male enhancement scam others, they drove the enemy into Power X Male Enhancement the forest, killing and wounding Power X Male Enhancement many of them. In spite of their furious increase semen volume naturally sallies the savages could not withstand the keen edge of Power X Male Enhancement the Spanish swords and the attacks of a fierce bloodhound, and fled howling through the forest, leaving a number dead on the field, having, however, killed one Spaniard and wounded eight, among the latter of whom was the Adelantado. Tri. stan had been afraid to approach the harder erection pills land lest his countrymen should spring on board and sink the boat, and when the Indians had been put to flight he proceeded up the river in penis pumps being used quest of fresh water, disregarding the warnings of his friends on shore. He had get up some way, and was passing through a narrow channel b Power X Male Enhancement