Volumepills Review e were no more than five hundred Spaniards, as I learned from one of them. These few men alone compelled the enemy, who numbered more than a thousand Volumepills Review fighting men, to withdraw from the city and th.ey even pursued and harried the pirates in such wise, by Volumepills Review blocking the mouth of the river Pangasinan where they had retired with Volumepills Review their ships , that to escape the fury of our men they were obliged to construct some light craft within their fort. They are said to have calked these, for want of pitch, with their own blood and to have carried them on their shoulders for several leguas over land, until they succeeded in launching them into the sea, and fled under full sail. They left their ships in the river and dismantled the forts and camps, where our Volumepills Review men Volumepills Review found some spoils, of which I Volumepills Review saw a part. But satisfaction over the booty was outweighed by chagrin at losing the enemy whom they had practically in their hands. The enemy, however, had Volumepills Review received such a lesson that they never returned. Some years afterwards they planned t.o elect another patron against hurricanes, which are called in those parts vagios , and by the

Volumepills Review Portuguese tufones. 42 They are furious winds which, springing up ordinarily in what the number 1 natural male enhancement the north, veer toward the west and south, and move around the compass in the space of twenty hours or more. One of these days of tempest is a very Judgment day especially if it overtake one in the night time, and in a wooden house. nootropics for brain fog It rends some houses, and turns others over on one side natural male enhancement that works still others and Volumepills Review most frequently it destroys and hurls Volumepills Review to the Volumepills Review ground. With the assistance of the bishop of Yucatan, 43 who was at that time dean of the church, the cathedral of Manila had been temporarily erected, with pillars of the very strongest trees, Volumepills Review so large that two men could not reach around them and all the timber above and below was on the same scale y. et in half an hour one of these typhoons destroyed the newly built cathedral, and left only the tabernacle of the most Holy Sacrament between four pillars. In this drago rhino male enhancement accident some people Volumepills Review were killed for, fleeing from their houses, which germany black gold male enhancement were falling Volumepills Review to pieces over their heads, they betook themselves for greater safety to the church. The vessels in the bay were hurled ashore the distance

Volumepills Review

of a stone s throw, and those who were caught in the tempest were carried away like straw. To remedy so great an evil, lots were cast Volumepills Review Volumepills Review with great solemnity at a concourse of all Volumepills Review classes from these Volumepills Review came forth the name of the Volumepills Review most glorious virgin St. Potenciana not without much mystery for, on the day when the event took place the 19th of May , one of the earliest settlers, hearing her name called, arose and said Hers is Volumepills Review the day Volumepills Review when we fir.st entered Manila, by which it is meant that our Lord chose to inform us of the obligation that we owe to this glorious Saint. What followed confirmed his statement for from that time forward there has been a notable improvement in this respect, the storms and the fury of the winds recognizing the favor and protection of this blessed virgin. How the Spaniards spread over all the Filipinas to Manila. Chapter III. The people of Sebu did not remain a long time in retirement. Assured of the good friendship of the Spaniards for them, and that through it they should have many commodities which they needed, together with defense and help against their enemies, and peace in the is

lands of which they were so desirous, being weary of the continual and grievous wars and evils with which they had harassed one another , they all Volumepills Review r. epaired to the Spaniards to be Volumepills Review baptized, and to offer them celery male enhancement their services. They entered, moreover, into such fraternal and confidential what do male enhancement pills do relations with the Spaniards that they soon came to long for the honor which might be theirs from association with them, and from serving them with their industry and lands not only providing them with what was Volumepills Review needful Volumepills Review for their sustenance, but acting as guides in the exploration and conquest of the other islands as far as Manila, which is the principal and foremost island among them all. For this reason the Sebuans are Volumepills Review privileged and exempt from taxation, as a reward for their friendly services and loyalty. In the beginning best male performance enhancement pills platinum 4000 the pacification of the Islands was strongly resisted, best over the counter male enhancement pills and some deaths among our men ensued Volumepills Review yet, in spite of this, those few penile injections before and after reduced and subjugated everything and. began to establish our holy faith, Volumepills Review gently bringing the villages, with their chiefs, into obedience to the Church and to the crown of Castilla.